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Nengi Omuku


Nengi Omuku’s work is inspired by the politics of the body and  the complexities that surround identity and difference. Omuku states, “With every journey, I consider how human beings position ourselves in space in relation to other beings. Foremost on my mind are the ways in which the body needs to adapt in order to belong. It is constantly selecting and gathering its identity, mentally, physically and emotionally.”

 Her work shows colored anthropomorphic forms, which stand in contrast to the scapes.

She approaches painting as a documentation of events that unfold around her—a moment-by-moment embodiment of a non-linear narrative that is translated onto a  canvas


2018 Mural, family rooms, Eileen Skellern intensive care
psychiatric ward, Maudsley Hospital, London

Solo Exhibitions
2017 Stages of Collapse, September Gray, Atlanta
2015 A State of Mind, Omenka Gallery, Lagos
2011 To Figure an Encounter, Open The Gate, London

2018 Hospital Rooms, Griffin Gallery, London

2018 Artwork Arthouse, Lagos
2017 ARTX , Lagos
2017 Commotion, 1:54, London
2016 A State of Mind, The Armory Show, New York
2015 Mapping Histories, Constructing Realities, ART15, London


2012 Prankerd Jones Memorial Prize
Awarded by University College London

2011 Nancy Balfour MA Scholarship
Awarded by University College London

2003 Winner- British Council CHOGM art competition
Awarded by Queen Elisabeth II

Artist’s Work